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[UC Union] Low Quality Traffic_Warning (9Apps) | Solve It

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:49 am
by arnlweb

This is a DEDUCTION WARNING notification to inform you that the quality of the traffic in below subpubs/pubs is confirmed disqualified during the promotion of the following campaigns.

NO. Subpub Pub Offer GEO Promotion Date Predicted Deduction
1 n/a [email protected] 9apps(in)-apk-ddl IN 2017-09-29 4.10
2 n/a [email protected] 9apps(in)-apk-ddl IN 2017-09-29 0.59

Corresponding earnings may be deducted.

In order to lower the risk of earning deduction, please try to improve the quality of your traffic.

Please take the deduction amount on at the end of the payment period as final, or refer the email of [UC Union] Notification of final Deduction.