[UC Union] Low Quality Traffic_Warning (9Apps) | Solve It

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[UC Union] Low Quality Traffic_Warning (9Apps) | Solve It

Post by arnlweb » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:49 am


This is a DEDUCTION WARNING notification to inform you that the quality of the traffic in below subpubs/pubs is confirmed disqualified during the promotion of the following campaigns.

NO. Subpub Pub Offer GEO Promotion Date Predicted Deduction
1 n/a [email protected] 9apps(in)-apk-ddl IN 2017-09-29 4.10
2 n/a [email protected] 9apps(in)-apk-ddl IN 2017-09-29 0.59

Corresponding earnings may be deducted.

In order to lower the risk of earning deduction, please try to improve the quality of your traffic.

Please take the deduction amount on www.uc-union.com at the end of the payment period as final, or refer the email of [UC Union] Notification of final Deduction.


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