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Web Development on the Pi

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 8:21 am
by JesseVoss

I have a few questions here. So, I've been on my Raspberry Pi and I love it but I do a lot of frontend/backend web design and I want to use my Pi to do so. I've realized it's not the best option I guess seeing how I can't work with many browsers. I also haven't been able to download mobile phone emulators to test my designs. The main thing I've been struggling with is finding a good code editor to use and I've been searching for days for the best one. I've been using gedit and I also like bluefish compared to all the rest. I mostly write PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. On Mac OS I use BBedit or TextWrangler, which is hands down my favorite editor ever. And on windows I use UltraEdit. Gedit and bluefish are okay but there is one problem that bugs me so much that I'm still searching for a better editor. Syntax highlighting is limited to one language. I can go through and check if I want PHP, or HTML, CSS, or Javascript, but is there an editor that will just highlight them all? I usually have all these languages in one page especially when I'm throwing up a small quick standalone page. Let me list all my questions that I would like some advice on for Pi web development.

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