Good projects for getting more experienced with Linux administration?

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Good projects for getting more experienced with Linux administration?

Post by JesseVoss » Tue May 15, 2018 8:28 am


Howdy all, so I have fairly extensive experience with VMware and Windows Server, but quite limited experience with linux and feel like I should try and remedy that. Unfortunately I'm in that kind of void between "Linux For Dummies" and "Script your own compiled GUI" levels of skillset and it's a dead no mans land in terms of documentation or ideas of how to increase my knowledge.
The last time I started looking into this stuff and went on actual linux forums I got enough RTFM Noob! and "Read the man pages" that I just rolled my eyes and stopped trying. I'm counting on the fact that Ars is an awesome source of non douchebag information (With plenty of douchebag information too) that you guys might be able to point me down some projects I can do on my home vSphere box to learn. I have a Dell T320 running an VMware enterprise install (Yay Education licenses!) so I can throw quite a bit of hardware at this stuff. I just don't really know what to do, blindly building a LAMP server was the last thing I did and it was kind of pointless

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